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The brand new PUBG 6th anniversary roadmap reveals fresh plans, including the arrival of a new map, traversal changes and revamps to the games flow.

A new dawn is rising for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, which begins with the plans detailed in the PUBG 6th anniversary roadmap. To celebrate this milestone moment for the popular battle royale game, developer Krafton is shedding light on the future of PUBG. This includes a fresh map and changes to core gameplay mechanics that fans have come to love.

According to the roadmap fromPUBGdeveloper Krafton, players can look forward to the arrival of a new map, currently titled Neon. This map will be completely different from all other previous maps []it will have a unique and varied atmosphere, including modern city scenes

in an urban jungle. Could players rack up kills in abandoned neon-lit skyscrapers? We hope so, as the developer also expresses that the new map will also aim to tap into fans PUBG: Battlegroundsnostalgia.

Getting around the map will be an exciting prospect in itself too, as Krafton explains that players will be equipped with various means of transportation to move around on the ground, as well as in the air and water. We are also planning a new traversal system and gameplay features specifically for this new map.

The implementation of a refined traversal system has been seen before in the recent 22.1 and 22.2 updates. Alongside these improvements and the fresh locale, hardcore fans can expect to see updates for two of the games oldest maps. The developer states that large-scale updates will arrive with new points of interest while maintaining the unique concept of Erangel and Miramar.

Engaging in combat during the games diverse locations is another point of focus too: After the April update, 5 maps will be available, but on a shorter cycle than the existing 1-month cycle. Erangel and Sanhok will be fixtures in the map rotation moving forward.

PUBGs other maps, such as Miramar, Taego, Deston, and Vikendi will also cycle in and out regularly, with a total of 8 maps in the active rotation, alongsideKarakin and Paramo. Meanwhile, map rotation changes for ranked mode include a total of 4 maps [that] will be rotated into each map playlist roughly every 2 months over the

In a bid to give players a taste of the PUBG esports scene, the roadmap clarifies that Erangel, Miramar, and Taego [could be] permanent additions to the Ranked rotation, while also adding Deston. Changes to PUBGs gameplay mechanics are coming too, as a brand-new revival system will enable players to bring teammates back from the afterlife.

Combined with the incoming tactical gear revamp, that aims to resolve gear slot complications, experiencing the feeling of a winner-winner chicken dinner just got easier. Youll even get to display your clan tag as you do it, following the addition of a clan system.And of course, repping interesting skins is part of flexing on your enemies too. Krafton promises that we are reviewing and working on various skin collaborations with an automotive brand that everyone in the world recognizes, like McLaren, as well as highly recognizable IPs that tap into everyones nostalgia.

Weve seen the game collaborate with the likes of Assassins Creed and movies like Godzilla vs Kong, so we cant wait to see what collaborations are on the cards going forward. So while we celebrate this exciting time for PUBG, dont forget to claim the latestPUBG Twitch Drops, which include some snazzy cosmetics.

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