New summer flights and destinations for Portugal

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Low-cost airlineeasyJethave announced new routes to Portugal for the summer season and an increased passenger capacity.

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In a statement, the company said: easyJet is offering flights for the new summer routes for sale today, from airports in Portugal: from Lisbon to Glasgow, from Porto to Naples and Palermo, and from Faro to Barcelona and Toulouse. These 5 new routes reinforce the companys offer for summer 2023, thus totalling 25 new destinations.

With a total offer of 89 routes to be operated in Portugal, distributed with Lisbon airport now having a total of 35 routes (17 new ones), Porto with 26 destinations (3 new ones), and Faro with 21 routes (2 new). In Funchal, easyJet has a total of 9 routes (3 new) and maintains 2 routes in Porto Santo.

The increase in the number of routes in Portugal also increases the capacity of available seats. For 2023, 11.2 million seats are planned, which, compared to the previous year, represents an increase of 36% - 8.2 million seats made available in 2022 -, which highlights the companys strong investment in the country.

Jos Lopes, easyJet Country Manager for Portugal, said: We are delighted to offer this update to our summer 2023 schedule for sale, so customers have even more possibilities to book travel in advance.

This year is expected to be very positive for easyJet. We are making a big investment in Portugal, with the certainty that the Portuguese will follow us. Our customers consider us the best airline for their trips to the most varied destinations in Europe. We have the responsibility to stay one step ahead, with the perspective of always surprising ourselves with our new routes and, above all, providing the best offer on the market.

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New summer flights and destinations for Portugal

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